Re: how do I make 2.3.4 run on a friggin' RH9?

On 07/18/2005 10:54:35 AM, Barbara Pennacchi wrote:


I've been trying to make the new version of balsa (2.3.3 first, then 2.3.4) work on rh9, but without much success. And my patience is nearing to an end, since I've never been really good at playing with rpm and its rpm-rebuilding facilities.

The main reason for wanting the new version is due to the fact that the only rh9 version available (2.2.6) likes a tad too much to crash (with segfault, if I remember correctly) when there are too many "actions" in rapid succession (like filtering 'em, clicking on them or somesuch) on emails infested with either html or attachments or both, usually when emails involved reach a number above 2.

Html-related crashes may stem from the GtkHtml libs that you're linking with. You could try upgrading gtkhtml-2 or installing gtkhtml-3, and rebuilding 2.2.6.

[ snip ]
Obviously, I've been trying to rebuild balsa from the src.rpm but it spat me, near the end of the tedious process, the following errors:

[ krb5-related diagnostics snipped ]
Apparently Balsa needs a different version of the krb5 libs from yours--again, an upgrade might help. But it might be simpler to install from a tarball--you could configure without gss, and the krb5 problems shouldn't appear.


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