Re: CVS HEAD, titles (multilines) all in a mess

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Le 19.07.2005 14:53:50, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
On 07/19/2005 07:54:00 AM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
Hi, I got some mails with multilines (or loong lines, dunno) which are splitted in a strange way).

I get something like that:

Sujet : Re: [linux-lvm] PVs not found (kernel 2.4<->devfs?) [was:
lvm lost
	after reboot!?]

For local (non-IMAP) mailboxes, Balsa gets the subject from GMime, and displays it in a GtkTextView. Apparently, GMime doesn't unfold headers, so a long and folded subject still has its newline(s), and the following white space that makes it a continuation of the original header (in your example, after "lvm lost"). But its first line still may be long enough to be wrapped in the text-view (in your example, after "[was:".

I believe a case can be made for displaying the subject the way GMime hands it over: the sender may have specifically formatted it that way. On the other hand, perhaps it's more likely that the sender's MUA folded a long line and added the white space, in which case unfolding it, removing the white space, and allowing the text-view to wrap the result is closer to what the sender intended.


Maybe there is a bug in gtk (or elsewhere) because in the messages list, the title is not always displayed the same way: If this kind of message is "new" (unread) when I open the box, the title is displayed on several line but the sender field looks corrupted: it is displayed twice, once on the second line overlapped by a second copy (correctly displayed) on the first line. Now if The message has been read, the second time I go on this box, it is displayed only on one line, the second line of the title not beeing displayed in the message list window.


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