FP Counting - update and a question

Dear Esther,

As per our discussion, I stated on the FP counting activities yesterday afternoon.

I *hope* to have an estimate of how long it will take to finish (hours, not end date, which I know is fixed) by late tomorrow (warning - I often work until 12-3 am, and if it is really late I will not send you anything until Monday on this...)

However, I do have a question about database components.

The documentation I have seems extremely specific to relational databases. However, the RAPID project uses an object-oriented database for which the relational-database concepts (tables, rows, columns, etc.) do not apply.

Is there guideline documentation for object-oriented databases, and if so could you **please** send me the URL?

If there is none, do you have any suggestions?



  william w. austin, ibm global services
    waustin att com (will change to waustin us ibm com soon)
      770 750-6954

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