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Am 2005.07.10 04:40 schrieb(en) Johan Brannlund:
1. Why is it only possible to choose the "From" line from a number of pre-defined identities? In my opinion, it would be very convenient to be able to edit that header just like any other. Actually, if memory serves me right this used to be possible in earlier versions of balsa.

Iirc it was removed because "good" people only use the own mail-addis they have added to their identities.

2. After Peter fixed "pipe through", I've started using that quite a lot. In fact, so much that it would be useful for me to have a key binding that pipes the current message to a given command. Any thoughts on this?

Just go to Message-> Pipe through, hover it with your mouse and press the key-combo you like.

Perhaps you first have to enable
gconf: /desktop/gnome/interface/can_change_accels
(for gnome)

gtk-can-change-accels = 1

5. What is the developers' view of the gnome hig? I'm not sure how hig-compliant balsa is, since I've never read the guidelines. Have any of the hig people commented on balsa?

It is in some ways compliant but overall it's just a bunch of good will and nice ideas of the developers... ;)

I think especially the menus and the prefs-window should be redesigned a bit...

6. This may just be me being stupid, but I haven't been able to forward a message inline with full headers. Is that easily doable with balsa?

This is not possible - Attached as the complete mail (with alle headers) or inline with only the one line.




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