Re: Features, usability, etc.

--- Steffen Klemer <masterofheap gmx net> wrote:

> Am 2005.07.10 04:40 schrieb(en) Johan Brannlund:
> > 1. Why is it only possible to choose the "From" line from a number
> > of pre-defined identities? 

> Iirc it was removed because "good" people only use the own mail-addis
> they have added to their identities.

To me, this doesn't seem like a very compelling reason. After all, it's
not like it's hard to create spoofed e-mail headers manually.

> Just go to Message-> Pipe through, hover it with your mouse and press
> the  key-combo you like.
Cool! Thanks for the tip.

> > I'm not sure how hig-compliant balsa is
> It is in some ways compliant but overall it's just a bunch of good
> will and nice ideas of the developers... ;)

> I think especially the menus and the prefs-window should be
> redesigned a  
> bit...

I too sometimes find the menus a bit counter-intuitive, but I can't
really put my finger on why.

> > 6. This may just be me being stupid, but I haven't been able to
> > forward a message inline with full headers. Is that easily doable
> > with balsa?

> This is not possible

Okay. It wasn't very important anyway.



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