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Am 12.09.04 19:23 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
Check out this thread:

I was one of the people that noticed _long_ delays on startup due to balsa opening all my mailboxen, but I agree that not seeing new mail poses a problem.

Ouch. Yes, I remember; I earlier also complained about slow startup. How is that disease called?!? Something starting with "A", don't remember exactly ... ;-)

Perhaps balsa could keep a 'last known modify date' for each (local) mailbox, and check these dates against the boxes on startup / periodically.

Good idea, IMHO!

When procmail updates a mailbox, 'last modified' is newer than what balsa has, and therefore there's new mail.

The only problem I see is that people might use two or more different mua's reading/modifying the same mailboxes. If an other one erases messages, the date has changed, but there is no new unread. So the process could have two steps: first check the mod date (or maybe even a check sum, but that's slower), and if that differs, scan the file for unread.

This would probaby be a little more difficult to do with Maildir.

Hmmm, can't we check the mod date of the *folder* (".")? If that differs, check for new files within the folder. I guess it's even cheaper than mbox, as we only have to read the directory, and not the (usually big) file itself.

IIRC, mh is basically the same as mbox, right?

And for remote (pop, imap) it should be really cheap and easy, as the server should know.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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