Re: [head] indication of new messages in closed mailboxes

On 09/12/04 12:56:21, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
I use procmail to distribute the messages to the various (sub-) folders and boxes. With earlier balsa releases, "Check" checked the closed boxes, too, for new (unread) messages, which was a really great feature. Since a while, this feature has apparently been removed, and balsa doesn't check these closed boxes any more. I saw this only as someone whose mails had been moved silently into a closed box complained that I didn't answer her messages...

Is it possible to get this feature back? Or do you know an alternative?

Hi Albrecht,

Check out this thread:

I was one of the people that noticed _long_ delays on startup due to balsa opening all my mailboxen, but I agree that not seeing new mail poses a problem.

Perhaps balsa could keep a 'last known modify date' for each (local) mailbox, and check these dates against the boxes on startup / periodically.

When procmail updates a mailbox, 'last modified' is newer than what balsa has, and therefore there's new mail.

This would probaby be a little more difficult to do with Maildir.


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