Re: Unread msg count

Am 2004.09.02 12:26 schrieb(en) Miquel van Smoorenburg:
On 2004.09.01 15:31, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 09/01/2004 12:51:30 AM, Steffen Klemer wrote:
> Hi,
> > recent versions of Balsa (beginning with 2.2.3, I think) > doesn't show unread msgs in the mbox-tree anymore.

Hi Steffen!

That initial mailbox check was causing noticeable startup delays for some users, so we disabled it. Balsa now detects only changes that occur after it was started.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to show that the message
count is undefined, say show '-' instead of 0, or just leave
the field blank ?

No, I really need to know whether there are unread msgs or not ;)
Isn't it possible to save the state of a local mailbox in an index or so? A very simple thing: Unread msgs or not, size and mtime - if size and/ or mtime changed the mailbox is "undefined", if not it is either "unread" or "read"...

Mhhh, perhaps I'll try to implent sth. like this at the weekend - it shouldn't be to hard, even for a newbie :)


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