Re: Balsa 2.2.4: Sent box doesn't work ?

On 2004.09.01 12:13, Pawel Salek wrote:
On 09/01/2004 12:05:28 PM, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> > I'm not sure at what Balsa version this started, but I just
> noticed my Sent mailbox doesn't work. So I have no copies
> of all mail I sent over the last week or so :(
> > I have marked an IMAP mailbox called "Sent" as the special
> Sent mailbox, and settings -> prefs -> mail options ->
> outgoing -> copy outgoing messages is enabled.
> > Yet, the Sent mailbox remains empty.

I guess saying that it works for me won't be much help for you. Can you run "balsa -D" and check whether there is any attempted communication - balsa should issue APPEND command. Check also that Fcc field in the compose window has the value you expect it to have (Show/Fcc in the compose window).

Aha, that was it! The Fcc field was empty, set to blank. I
changed it to point to the 'Sent' mailbox and now messages
are saved again.

Is it possible that 'blank' meant 'use the default Sent mailbox'
in balsa 2.0.x and that in 2.2 the Fcc needs to be set explicitly ?


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