Re: balsa crashes on compose when I type the address

On 03/20/2004 05:28:19 AM, Richard Schilling wrote:
> I'm getting a core dump on "signal 6" when ever I compose/forward/reply
> to a message and begin to type the e-mail address in the To/CC/BCC
> boxes.  It's like balsa chokes when it tries to respond to my
> keystrokes.  Not sure if this is a hangup with gnome libraries or with
> balsa, but it doesn't happen any other time.  I can copy/paste e-mail
> addresses into the To/CC/BCC fields just fine.
> Didn't see anything on this in bugzilla or the listserv archives.
> Any ideas?  If someone points me to a known trouble spot in the code I
> can write a patch for the project.

I have seen only a recently filed bug report :). It would be good to know  
which version of FreeBSD do you run, and which version of gtk2 did you  
compile balsa against.

If you want to stard debugging, configuring balsa with --disable-threads  
may be helpful.


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