Re: balsa crashes on compose when I type the address

unname -a outptut:

4.9-STABLE #6: Mon Mar  1 09:19:30 PST 2004  i386

balsa version: 1.4.4

gtk version compiled against: 1.2.0
NOTE: I have version 1.2.0 AND version 2.2.4 installed on the system - 
configure just detected version 1.2.0 and used that.

I take it by your question that I *should* be compiling agaings gtk2

I'll give it a try.


On 2004.03.20 04:06 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 03/20/2004 05:28:19 AM, Richard Schilling wrote:
>> I'm getting a core dump on "signal 6" when ever I 
>> compose/forward/reply
>> to a message and begin to type the e-mail address in the To/CC/BCC
>> boxes.  It's like balsa chokes when it tries to respond to my
>> keystrokes.  Not sure if this is a hangup with gnome libraries or 
>> with
>> balsa, but it doesn't happen any other time.  I can copy/paste e-mail
>> addresses into the To/CC/BCC fields just fine.
>> Didn't see anything on this in bugzilla or the listserv archives.
>> Any ideas?  If someone points me to a known trouble spot in the code 
>> I
>> can write a patch for the project.
> I have seen only a recently filed bug report :). It would be good to 
> know  which version of FreeBSD do you run, and which version of gtk2 
> did you  compile balsa against.
> If you want to stard debugging, configuring balsa with 
> --disable-threads  may be helpful.
> Pawel
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