Reá: Reá: new version of gpgme (0.4.5) breaks signature checking

Le 19.03.2004 19:51, Albrecht Dre▀ a Úcritá:
> Am 18.03.04 22:24 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):
> - I guess you built balsa with threading (pthread) support? Is the  
> binary correctly linked against libgpgme-pthread (try "ldd balsa")?  
> It might be worth a try to build balsa *without* threading and see if  
> you get the same effect with 0.4.5;
> - Did you build gpgme-0.4.5 yourself, or is it from a bin package?  
> The only important change apart from a few bug fixes between  
> 0.4.3/0.4.4 and 0.4.5 was the introduction of large file support (64  
> bit length), which shouldn't make any difference. So if it's a bin  
> package, it might be interesting to see what happens if you build  
> gpgme (or gpgme and libgpg-error) from sources; it's pretty easy,  
> just "./configure; make all install".
> Cheers, Albrecht.

I tried everything :
- both binaries from debian
- balsa threaded / unthreaded built by myslef, the same for libgpgme

It works with 0.4.3 and I've the same failuere (no data) with 0.4.5

		- Jean-Luc

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