Re : new version of gpgme (0.4.5) breaks signature checking

Le 18.03.2004 22:03, Albrecht Dreß a écrit :
>> Yesterday I've upgraded my libgpgme from 0.4.3 to 0.4.5.
>> For every signed mail, I've the message that the signature cannot be  
>> checked and the popup telling there is no data in the signature.
>> I have this with both the debian verion of the package and the cvs  
>> 2-0.
> Wow, that's a really strange effect! I have balsa 2-0 cvs (and an  
> early patch for head) running fine with gpgme 0.4.5...
> If you want to do some debugging on gpgme 0.4.5, you may want to run  
> balsa using the command
> GPGME_DEBUG=5:/tmp/balsa-gpgme.log balsa
> which gives a lot of debugging output to /tmp/balsa-gpgme.log. It  
> would be perfect if you could try to verify the same message twice,  
> one time with 0.4.3, and the second time with 0.4.5, and then compare  
> the output (or send it to me, I meanwhile have some experience  
> reading it :-/).
> Hth,
> 	Albrecht.


I've done this test and got 2 log file : one for libgpgme 0.4.3 and the  
other with 0.4.5. The balsa executable is the same and from the cvs 2-0  
with your "anti-colorisation" [tm] patch (BTW, the orange colour when a  
signature is invalid is really ugly ;-) ).

As you are a gpgme guru and you can understand them (what I can't) you  
will find attached both the logs.

		- Jean-Luc



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