Re: balsa 2.1 and the filters

On 05.06.2004 21:34:04, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
Le 05.06.2004 20:22:35, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
On 06/05/2004 02:17:57 AM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
[ snip ]
I've this section attached to my inbox with all the filters:

MailboxFilters=lvm fr-po gug system Debian\\ French Gimp\\ user balsa Debian\\ n
ews 300D wacom panorama raw-canon
MailboxFilters-When=3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3

That looks fine (assuming that Debian\\ news was fractured in cut&paste, not in the config file!). So both the Guifilter and the

No it is like that in the config file. I've a blank is some filternames, it seems that the \\ is used to escape the whitespace.

mailbox filters seem to be stored fine in the config, and they must be getting mangled in restoring them--and I can't see how they would. Perhaps you could save this config and rebuild some part of it from scratch, and see if you can get either feature working.

Ok I will rebuild the filters from scratch and see ...

I've rebuilt all the config from scratch.

- The filters are nor applied upon receipt of a message neither.

- There is an other strange behaviour concerning the threading.
If I set the threadind to anything, I get in each


I had to edit manually the Threading value in each of the view blocks.

- At least for the Inbox (not checked yet for the other boxes), the "Hide deleted" is saved.

		- Jean-Luc

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