Re: "Mark all read" patch

On 01/25/2004 09:54:06 PM, balsa-user wrote:
> Here's the diff file for the ident patch as I've been using it.
[ snip ]
and a fine patch it is!

> Here's a question though, is the identity selection in the  
> mailbox preperties actually used,

Yes--the code is

    /* Set up the default identity */
        /* Get the identity from the To: field of the original  
message */

> and if so, what should it's interaction with intelligent ident  
> selection be?  Should replies from a mailbox with an identity  
> selected always use that identity, or should that only serve as  
> a default if one can't be determined by the From and Cc  
> addresses?

As it stands, the mailbox identity takes precedence.  I agree,  
there's an issue here: if the mailbox has an associated identity  
and a different identity would be inferred from the message we're  
replying to, which takes precedence?  The current choice works  
for me: I sometimes get work-related mail sent to a personal  
address, but I file it in a work-related folder, so it gets the  
appropriate identity when I reply.  But if you don't organize  
your mailboxes that way, the other choice might be better.

I guess it *could* be a user pref--though explaining precisely  
what pref the user is specifying would be challenging!

> One (non-trivial) improvement that could be made to identities  
> is to allow configuration of a list of To addresses that  
> trigger a specified identity to be used.  For example, if the  
> To address in a compose window is "",  
> always use "" as the From address.

That's also being discussed in another current thread (Handling  
of multiple identities with balsa,   
Several issues would have to be resolved: the UI, storing the  
info, when to trigger, ...

> Another, less difficult, one - allow users to either type the  
> name of a file to pull the signature from, or allow them to  
> type the signature directly in to the ident config window.  I  
> might take a stab at that myself when I've got some time....

Sounds good!

> Is anyone working on bringing balsa-2.1 branch up to the same  
> version of gpgme as the 2.0 branch?


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