"Mark all read" patch

Attached is a patch that adds a "Mark all read" menu item to the Message menu  
on the main window.  The menu item has a key binding of ctrl-alt-R.  This  
makes it much (MUCH) more convenient to mark all messages in the current  
mailbox.  Would appreciate seeing this in CVS.
(patch is against CVS balsa-2-0)

Speaking of marking messages as read, the Message->Toggle menu has Flagged and  
New items, but the message context menu Toggle menu has Flagged and Unread.   
This in inconsistent labeling for identical functions, and should be  
corrected.  Personally, I prefer "Unread", but I won't throw a fit it the were  
both changed to "New".

On a different topic, I have a patch I routinely apply to new releases that  
makes identity selection much smarter.  It looks at the To and Cc fields in  
the message you are replying to, and if there is an identity whose From  
address appears in either of those fields, that is the identity for the new  
message.  It also correctly updates the "Re:" and "Fwd:" strings in the  
Subject header, and updates the message signature if it hasn't been edited  
when you change identities.  An earlier version of this patch was in 1.4, but  
never made it to 2.0 and 2.1.  I've sent it to the list before, but got no  
interest.  Is this anything anyone wants, or should I just continue applying  
it to every release on my own?

- Steve Wall


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