Re: best mailbox format?

On 02/18/04 06:17:06, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> See for
> some general discussion of flat-file (e.g. mbox) versus file/message
> (e.g. mh and maildir) formats.  File/message is more robust, because
> there's no single huge file to get scrambled, but apparently with
> real-world file systems they're inherently slower.

Yeah, I remember reading that article before. I think this might be why
I keep most of my messages in mbox format (aside from it being more

> BTW: which version of Balsa were you benchmarking?

I would not call it any serious benchmarking, rather "Kacper clicking
an unopened mailbox and counting '1001, 1002, 1003, ...". I did see
timings when debug messages are enabled, but only for commits and the
like, not for open.

I run cvs updated 2 days ago.


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