Re: duplicate mail

On 2004.02.18 18:45, Brian wrote:
> On 02/18/04 11:26:30, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
>> On 2004.02.18 17:21, Brian wrote:
>>> Ok I like balsa but its getting on my nerves.  Every time I start  
>>> it and sometimes when it checks for mail it downloads everything  
>>> from the server giving me dups.  I end up at least twice a day  
>>> going through all of my old mail to mark it read.  Whats going on.
>>> any ideas why it is doing this? I am running Balsa version 2.0.16
>> Hmmm, no idea what may be causing this, I noticed the same thing,  
>> though. However, what I love about balsa is this neat option "Remove  
>> duplicates" at the bottom of the Mailbox menu (main window).
> The strange thing is I don't get this problem with any other MUA's.
I'm not really reason I could think of I get duplicates is
that I use /var/mail/my_name as Inbox. When balsa checks for mail it
should appy filters and transfer mails from lists etc. into the
appropriate folders, leaving only non-matching mail in the inbox. When
balsa crashes these mails are then read again -- presumably because the
changes got not committed yet. However, I have auto-commit mailbox set
to 5 mins after the box has been used last. Maybe I just managed to
crash balsa just before these 5 mins all the time. :-)

> I do use the remove duplicates (which is a nice feature) the problem
> is I then have to go through individually and mark the e-mails read.
Yeah...I noticed that too. Perhaps it would be a good idea to change  
balsas behavior in that respect: If there are duplicate mails in a  
mailbox, and if one of these is already marked read, keep that one and  
remove the "new" mail instead.
Well, I believe I better cc: the list so the balsa-gurus can read that  
too! :-)

Best regards,


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