Reá: Stalled when gpg is updating the thrusted database


Some more informations about this problem:
This occurs when I select some message where I suppose the key is not  
yet known.

I've the same problem with mutt. It stays stalled getting the PGP key.  
But with mutt, a Crtl-C gives the access to the message body.

With balsa, I've it stalled while doing the update of the trusted  

If I launch gpa at this moment, there is a popud saying to wait until  
the trusted database is upated. This can last more than 15 minutes.  
When it is finished, I have the access to gpa .. and to balsa too..

			- Jean-Luc
Le 20.01.2004 13:28, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) a Úcritá:
> Hi,
> I'm using the cvs for -2-0.
> I've compiled it with gpgme.
> When I open a signed mail with a missing key it asks me to click to  
> import the key.
> This triggers gpg to enter a thrusted database update.
> While doing that (it is _very_ long), balsa is stalled.
> Is it the normal behaviour ?
> Is ther ea workaround ?
> --
> Regards
> 			- Jean-Luc

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