Re: mark as read

On 12/02/2004 01:49:18 PM, Lynn Kerby wrote:

On 2004.11.30 17:08 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>On 11/25/2004 09:48:08 AM, Willem Riede wrote:
>> As a related matter, if I select a range, say to delete a
>> thread (or two) I believe there is the same problem, that non-
>> expanded parts of the thread don't get selected and hence are
>> still around after the delete? Can we change that too?
>As for Mailbox => Select Thread(s), I'm still waiting for
>comments on the trade-off between the need for the action and the
>cost of another Mailbox menu item--any thoughts?

I'm a bit surprised at the lack of responses.  My vote is strongly in favor
of a "Select Threads" option.  I'm on several mailing lists that have deep
threads on a regular basis that do not interest me and having to open the
entire thread and select the messages to eliminate them is a PITA.

That's exactly where I was coming from. Deleting such a thread can take dozens of clicks, and is a real big hassle. I expected this to be a common concern, and even though the support for the new feature has been lackluster, I think it's worth it...

Thanks, Willem Riede.

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