Re: cvs HEAD, behaviour of "clickable urls"

Am 09.08.2004 11:26 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):
Le 08.08.2004 21:08:57, Pawel Salek a écrit :
I've setup the key to galeon but it doesnt work.
There are 2 different behaviour :

1 - if the message is html then it opens epiphany (well, it is a
browser) and a right clic gives me the menu to choose a browser.

2 - if the message is plain text, it opens gedit (!) (who say "has been
moved" .. sure..) and a right clic gives me the choice of an editor.

Why is the behaviour different with a plain text message and an html
one ?

I could imagine that the HTML-message is displayed by a GtkHTML-widget which has it's very own mechanisms for all that, whereas balsa only controls text-messages.-

The gconf-key for the webbrowser is difficult. There's:
on the one hand, which isn't used often I guess, and there's a protocol handler for http under:
which is set by "Preferred apps" and used for balsa on my system.



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