Re: Update on gmime in balsa + some TLS comments

On 2003.09.04 13:23, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On Thu, 04 Sep 2003 09:17:16, Brian Stafford wrote:
>> On 2003.09.03 17:03, Carlos Morgado wrote:
>>> On Wed, 03 Sep 2003 16:22:11, Pawel Salek wrote:
>>>>> . I guess you stole libesmtp siobufs cause they give you ssl and  
>>>>> network goodness but I don't enjoy having 2 copies of it linked  
>>>>> into balsa. this needs some thinking :)
>>>> This is probably not worth to optimize at this stage.
>>> glib has some IO stuff (gmime uses it iirc). I'd say this would be  
>>> a correcter thing to use but I won't compromise to this statment  
>>> till I have an harder look at it :)
>> maybe, maybe not - though since I wrote siobufs I'm biased.  The  
>> reason libESMTP didn't use glib was primarily portability and few  
>> dependencies and
> balsa already has a glib dep :) I was thinking more in the direction  
> glib io channels can be integrated into the gtk loop

Ah, OK I see where you're coming from.  Elsewhere on the thread Bart's  
comments suggest perhaps glib should have a siobufs wrapper :->  
(Seriously though, this would be feasible as siobufs uses sockets in  
non blocking mode.)

>> I've already used the siobufs code elsewhere and have been able to  
>> do so quite easily, which suggests the API is about right for  
>> generic use.  Shortly I will need to write a pop3 client (libPOP3?)  
>> for another project so it seems like it might be an idea to split  
>> libESMTP into two.  This
> My original comment about ripping siobufs into balsa was, do we  
> really want to have 2 copies linked into balsa ? (ie, split siobufs  
> or conditionally build balsa/siobuf)

Understood.  My gut feeling is it's better to have only one copy if  
possible.  Not from the overhead of duplicate code point of view but  
simply that the 2 versions can drift apart over time in turn creating  
potentially confusing bug behaviour.  For example, depending on libtool  
madness (and I've given up trying to understand what it does) would  
libesmtp link to the alternative version in balsa or its own?


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