Re: Re: Re: Balsa and pgp !?

On 11/23/2003 02:25:05 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> [snip]
> The second message comes from calling gpgme_engine_check_version()  
> which tries to detect if the gpg app is present and meets the version  
> requirement of gpgme (note that there are more engines, in particular  
> gpgsm for s/mime, which can be used by gpgme). In this call failes for  
> OpenPGP, your setup seems to be somewhat screwed up, and I must admit  
> that I never saw it before... IMHO, that gpg is present and usable  
> should of course be checked for when gpgme is built.

I admit I use gpg just for checking signatures of rpm files and it used  
to work before. Earlier version based on gpgme-0.3.x worked just fine. I  
actually think that checking for gpg when gpgme is build is not  
sufficient: one can compile binary on one computer and then copy files  
over (or via binary rpm/deb package) to another computer. Providing more  
diagnostics would be really, really useful here. I have impression that  
mozilla uses similar setup but they link gpgme statically, don't they?

>> a). the message must be more informative.
>> b). it should give the program chance to continue: balsa can as well  
>> proceed if OpenPGP engine (whatever it is) is misconfigured/accidently  
>> removed etc.
> This has actually been my fault as I never saw it fail... I'll replace  
> the abort by a dialog and simply disable all crypto stuff in balsa in  
> this case. Please expect a new patch soon (again on bugzilla).

Great - thanks in advance!


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