Re: Re: Re: Balsa and pgp !?

On 11/22/2003 06:19:45 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> That is of course correct! Creating rpm's for those packages is not
> difficult, though, as they both come with spec files which worked out
> of the box on my YellowDog Linux (more or less RedHat for PowerPC)
> system.

Well, they do not work out of the box on RH9.0 or Fedore Core 1  
although fixing is not terribly difficult. Still, it means additional  
effort associated with editing spec files etc.

Also, when I actually try to run it I get not very informative  

"** Message: init gpgme version 0.4.3

** ERROR **: Invalid engine for OpenPGP
I would rather have ability to continue - I do not think libraries  
should stop the program unless they are really vital. I remember gtk  
used to have similar problem: it was not possible to have a program  
that used GUI whenever possible and fell back to text UI when GTK  
initialization failed. I guess many people complained and  
gtk_init_check() was added. I believe that in case of GPGME two things  
need to be changed:

a). the message must be more informative.
b). it should give the program chance to continue: balsa can as well  
proceed if OpenPGP engine (whatever it is) is misconfigured/accidently  
removed etc.


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