Re: Reporting bugs

Am 06.05.2003 19:50 schrieb(en) Carlos Morgado:
> Not quite, if you drop something in a diferent media it gets copied.
> 'diferent mailbox' is pretty consistent with 'diferent media' so 
> that's
> the expected behaviour ;)

I thought Carlos was somewhat wrong here, but after reading the 
following from the HIG at 
I'm not sure what to think anymore:

Move selected objects when the user drags them within a container. Copy 
or link to selected objects when the user drags them between 
containers. A "container" may be a boundary imposed by the user 
interface (e.g. a top-level application window), or a user interface 
representation of a physical container (e.g. a mail server or disk 

I'd still interprete this as a hint to move mails by default, but 
Carlos has a point here witzh these "physical containers". ;)



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