Re: Reporting bugs

Am 06.05.2003 12:44 schrieb(en) M. Thielker:
> On 2003.05.06 12:27 Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>> - If I drag and drop a message from the message list window to
>>   another folder in the folder selection window the message is
>>   copied, while I expect it to be moved
> That's a pref. Check "Drag and drop moves mesages by default" to get 
> the expected bahavior.

May I vote for usability and consistency again? If yopu drag and drop 
something between Nautilus folders, it get's moved. You can copy things 
when pressing CTRL while dropping, indicated by a "+". So it would be 
the most consistent if balsa also behaved that way, and the pref gets 
eliminated. IMHO, prefs are overloaded anyways, sane defaults often are 
enough. ;)



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