Re: Reporting bugs

On 2003.05.05 14:12, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> On 05/05/2003, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>> Hello,
>> 	I just started using balsa (2.0.10) and have encountered 
>> several problems. As I used the debian package, I reported them to 
>> the Debian bug tracking system. However the maintainer asked me to 
>> report bugs to the balsa developers directly.
>> So, should I report to this list, to bugzilla, or both ?
> Bugzilla is best for specific problems or suggestions, but feel free 
> to engage this list in any discussion about general improvements!

Okay, let me get my feet wet ;)

A few suggestions:

- if a message is in the outbox but cannot be sent, it would be nice
   if I could edit it directly when pressing the 'continue' button
   instead of moving it to the Drafts folder first.

- If I drag and drop a message from the message list window to
   another folder in the folder selection window the message is
   copied, while I expect it to be moved

- If you open a message in a seperate window, balsa doesn't remember
   the placement and size of that message

- If you're not using the preview pane at all, it would be nice to have
   the option to open a message in the existing message-list window
   (like mutt and pine do), once you close the message the message-list
   window should reappear. This way you need the mouse less when
   rapidly scanning through email.

- If I hit 'compose' to compose a new message, it doesn't use the
   identity I set for the currently open folder

- In the folder properties, it would be nice if I could set a standard
   To: header. Either in the folder properties directly or in the
   identities menu.

The last two would be very handy for mailinglists..

Should I file 'enhancement' bugs for each of these ?


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