Re: Opening multiple instances of balsa

Am 02.05.2003 17:50 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> That would be a good fix for the common X-server case.  But I often 
> run Balsa over ssh, and occasionally by mistake start a session when 
> there's still one running on the local display.  Is there any way for 
> those sessions to be coordinated gracefully?

hmm, why should they? either you are operating on two different local 
mail-repositories, or one IMAP-account, but running that via SSH 
wouldn't be a that good idea. So no conflicts at least, and thus a less 
major issue. And the easy solution certainly couldn't handle this.
On the other hand, the tasklist on the panel might be able to. Do your 
two windows get grouped, if you activate permanent grouping for the 



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