main menu - shortcuts

if I take a look to the main-menu, I can see

   --> _View -->  S_elected Headers
   --> _View -->  _Expand All

so we have two entries with  '_e'
and again

   --> _Message -->  _Select Text
   --> _Message -->  _Store Address...

so we have two entries with  '_s'

I think, It's better to change to 
   --> _View -->  E_xpand All
   --> _Message -->  Store A_ddress...
and as extension
   --> Mail_box --> _Next Message
   --> Mail_box --> _Previous Message
   --> Mail_box --> Next _Unread Message
   --> Mail_box --> Next Fla_gged Message
   --> Mail_box --> Select _All   (same typewrite like -->edit-->Select
   --> Mail_box --> Commit A_ll

(I attached a fix as patch, remember also the po-files)

Bye, Heiko


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