Edit menu in compose window

A recent bug report (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=111801) 
pointed out the same weakness that was discussed in a thread that I 
can't pick up right now: the Edit => {Cut,Copy,Paste} items in the 
compose window always act on the text of the message, even when the 
keyboard focus is in one of the other areas (an address, the subject 
line, etc.).  It's now fixed in CVS.

A change was needed in the way address entries use the clipboard: 
LibBalsaAddressEntry now catches the related GtkEntry signals instead 
of grabbing keystrokes.  With this change, Ctrl+V works; however, the 
keyboard stuff in LibBalsaAddressEntry really mystifies me, and there 
may be an interaction with some other keystroke handling.  If you 
power-use address entries, please check that your favorite feature 
still works!


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