Re: Compose window options

On 2003.03.16 18:20, Albrecht Dre├č wrote:
> Am 13.03.03 22:01 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
>>>> It has only one little disadvantage (but it's also possible that this 
>>>> has been in balsa for a longer time):
>>>> signed msgs with attachments aren't marked as including an 
>>>> attachment...
> Unfortunately, it's not possible to detect signed mails with 
> attachments. In the index, the paperclip is displayed when the messages 
> envelope is of type multipart/mixed, but the signed message is 
> multipart/signed. We had to scan the complete mail for "mixed" parts, 
> but the message stream is not available when the index is built (think 
> of imap mailboxes). As an other approach, I now display a padlock icon 
> in this column when a message is signed or encrypted. Opinions?

That's cool.
Perhaps one could extend the header-pane a bit more:

I think of something like a row (or column) of icons showing the status 
(encrypted, signed, attachments, replied, new, unread, forwarded...) that 
are clickable and show more information about this special topic in a 
context-menu (e.g. sig valid (and the infos 'bout the key), the attached 
files, forwarded to (that would have to be saved somwhere), replied with 
the date...)

I haven't seen something like this before, but it would be very useful (at 
least for a person like me, wanting to archiv everything) and informative 
with no cost on usability and no wasting of space in the window.

If I think a little bit longer: a row on the right side of the header-pane 
would fit perfectly...

> P.S.: btw, did you send your public key to a keyserver? I could not 
> verify your signature, ang gpg says
> gpg --search-keys
> gpg: key "" not found on keyserver

no, haven't done this yet - I'm in the testing-state right now :-)
It's just a personal key for now...
Perhpas you can help me here: is a 2048bit key compatible to pgp on 


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