Re: Compose window options

Am 13.03.03 22:01 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
>>> It has only one little disadvantage (but it's also possible that this 
>>> has been in balsa for a longer time):
>>> signed msgs with attachments aren't marked as including an 
>>> attachment...

Unfortunately, it's not possible to detect signed mails with attachments. 
In the index, the paperclip is displayed when the messages envelope is of 
type multipart/mixed, but the signed message is multipart/signed. We had 
to scan the complete mail for "mixed" parts, but the message stream is not 
available when the index is built (think of imap mailboxes). As an other 
approach, I now display a padlock icon in this column when a message is 
signed or encrypted. Opinions?

> or that way, just an indication whether valid or not...

I now added the status string to the headers.

> The only thing which has to be improved is handling of attached mails...
> don't know but perhaps a first step would be "Open Attached msg in a new 
> window"

That's a good point, but I am afraid it's not easy to handle with the 
current structure... But it would already be an improvement if the headers 
of embedded messages could be displayed.

Cheers, Albrecht.

P.S.: btw, did you send your public key to a keyserver? I could not verify 
your signature, ang gpg says

gpg --search-keys
gpg: key "" not found on keyserver

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