Re: Compose window options

On 2003.03.12 18:25, Emmanuel wrote:
> On 2003.03.12 04:55, wrote:
>> > I propose that we change the other items to behave in this way.
>> > Comments?
>> I would like to support this. I think, however, there should not be a
>> global pref for the MDN, as it is some kind of "special" operation not
>> used on a regular basis, like signing or encryption. So if
>> sign/encrypt would be included (I unfortunately had almost zero
>> feedback for my gpg patch yet :-((, it should also behave like this.
> I'm also in favour of pulling all "per-message" pref out of the pref 
> window, and put them in the menu as a toggle item, and putting them as a 
> "reasonable" default value.
> Albrecht : I have tested your patch, and AFAICT it works great for me (I 
> hope someone else with more gpg experience will report eventual 
> problems, I have only created my gpg-key to test your patch, so you see 
> I'm almost totally stupid on signing/encrypting mails :().
> Anyway it is a good patch.

Yes, it is a good patch (as far as I'm able to tell about this)

It has only one little disadvantage (but it's also possible that this has 
been in balsa for a longer time):
signed msgs with attachments aren't marked as including an attachment...

and perhaps it will be possible to enable a display of an (in)valid sig in 
the headers-pane?


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