Handling spam [was Re: spamoracle]

I have a different approach to all of this, and I'd be interested in 
hearing opinions on it.

Rather than asking Balsa (or any email user agent, for that matter) to 
do the whole email thing, I would have it confine itself to the user 
interface as much as possible.

I have my email set up like this:

<two POP mailboxes> -> fetchmail (download) -> sendmail (distribution) 
-> MailSorter -> inbox (and other Balsa mailboxes)

MailSorter looks at each email and sends verything in the whitelist to 
Balsa's inbox.  Everything else it queues to MailQueue which uses 
SpamAssassin to weed out the spam.  Everything that's not spam goes to 
the inbox. Seldom a false negative, one or two false positives each 
day. 100-or-so spams to the trash - I see the subjects, but Balsa never 
sees them.

MailSorter and MailQueue are Perl scripts.  Not quite trivial, but 
small.  They give me the ability to do exactly what I want with each 
email, and relieve me from having to deal with Procmail.

My point? Balsa should not be asked to take on new tasks.  If you want 
everything in one box, there's always Evolution.


On 06.14 11:20, Martin Klaffenboeck wrote:
> Am 2003.06.13 00:51 schrieb(en) Laurent Cheylus:
>> Use procmail to filter your incoming mail with an "anti" spam tool 
>> and
>> use
>> option "Filter messages through procmail" (Mailbox configurator) for
>> Balsa.
> I know about this feature and I'm familar with procmail.  Just the 
> thing is, I always have to do everything manually with procmail and 
> the spamfilter.  There is no way to do this with balsa.
> The next thing is.  I deliver my emails directly to the balsas inbox, 
> so I cannot use the 'filter mail through procmail' feature.
> I'd really like to see antispam things in balsa itselve, everything 
> else seems for me to be a workarround.  I think it should be possible 
> for people who don't want to learn about config files and so on to 
> use spamfilters.

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