Spamoracle is a really great tool to autodetect spam.

It is a learning spam mechanism, you can tell spamoracle if an email is 
spam or if it is a good email.

So I thought about the following:

It would be great to have a spamoracle support in balsa, because balsa 
is email client which just has filters for different folders, but no 
really good mechanism for spam.

So I would like to work on this support for spamoracle the following 

If the user sets a flag in the configure dialog to use spamoracle and 
he has spamoracle installed, he should get on the context menu in the 
message header listview when he has marked one or more emails to tell 
if they are spam or not.

After usages of this feature, emails which are spam will be moved to a 
Spam folder.  He can also use this feature in the Spam folder so emails 
which are not spam will go back in the inbox folder.

The more often a user uses this feature he will get out of spam one day.

spamoracle is easy to use, it takes one email from stdin and analyses 
it or puts it to stdout, depends on the arguments which are set.

How can I start adding this feature in balsa?  Where do I have to start?
Is it a good Idea?


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