Re: spamoracle

Am 2003.06.13 00:51 schrieb(en) Laurent Cheylus:

> Use procmail to filter your incoming mail with an "anti" spam tool and
> use
> option "Filter messages through procmail" (Mailbox configurator) for
> Balsa.

I know about this feature and I'm familar with procmail.  Just the 
thing is, I always have to do everything manually with procmail and the 
spamfilter.  There is no way to do this with balsa.

The next thing is.  I deliver my emails directly to the balsas inbox, 
so I cannot use the 'filter mail through procmail' feature.

I'd really like to see antispam things in balsa itselve, everything 
else seems for me to be a workarround.  I think it should be possible 
for people who don't want to learn about config files and so on to use 

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