Re: handling mailinglists / filters

Am 2003.02.21 10:19 schrieb(en) Darko Obradovic:
> Am 21.02.2003 10:03 schrieb(en) Darko Obradovic:
>> On another front, I tried setting up procmail yesterday, and failed 
>> miserably.
>> I crasheds Balsa upon checking the POP-box, and as the remote box is 
>> locked, I can't touch it for 15 more minutes then.
>> Did I misunderstand the usage of procmail here? I thought it's getting 
>> set up locally, but why does it crash it before even fetching a mail? 
>> Does he try to invoke it remotely? :/
> Is it possible the procmail - command needs the pipe before it in the 
> settings?
> At least it doesn't crash now, will see it on this message, whether it 
> works...

my command looks like this:

procmail -f -


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