Re: handling mailinglists / filters

Le 2003.02.20 11:47, Darko Obradovic a écrit :
> Am 20.02.2003 15:20 schrieb(en) Emmanuel:
>> Le 2003.02.20 03:57, mpiktas a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm sitting here in front of balsa 2.0.8 and can't get this list 
>>>> managed.
>>>> I'd like all the messages from the list being moved to a special 
>>>> folder when receiving mail.
>>>> So I created a Filter for that. I added the filter to the Inbox, 
>>>> and checked the box to execute it when receiving mail (the left 
>>>> one).
>>>> But it won't work. I'll always have to go into the folders 
>>>> filter-properties, select "balsa-filter", click "apply", and then 
>>>> the messages get moved correctly.
>>>> Did I miss something serious about the filter-concept? Is my 
>>>> translation (german) wrong on the checkbox? Is this the usual way 
>>>> for handling mailing-lists?
>>> Noted the same thing in 2.0.8. I think that was right in 2.0.7.
>> Hm this should work on any mailboxes but the IMAP ones (it is still 
>> not implemented, but I'll work on it soon).But it should definitely 
>> work on other mailbox types.
>> Bye
>> Manu
> Here it definitely does not in the way I described it.
> I'm in the inbox, clicking on "receive", the messages get into the 
> inbox, unfiltered.
> I open the filter-conf/-apply dialog of the inbox, and there is my 
> "balsa-list"-filter.
> The checkbox on "when receiving" is checked. So it should apply it 
> automaticly? It won't. But it works fine when clicking on "apply" 
> there. :o/

Which is the type of the mailbox you are talking about please?

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