Re: Filter apply rules (was Re: BALSA 2.0.7 bugs)

Le 2003.02.11 16:43, Pawel Salek a écrit :
> On 2003.02.11 21:36 Emmanuel wrote:
>>> No, no, keep it simple--apply filters to undeleted messages only.
>> OK, but there is one exception : we can have filters matching on 
>> flags (even the deleted one). So do we forget filtering on undeleted 
>> flag (this is technically simpler) or have an exception for that one.
> IMO, the task is basically to make the frontend implicitly include 
> (NOT deleted) condition unless the user overrides it.

OK a patch will follow doing the following : filter out all deleted 
messages by default with the only exception if the filter is matching 
specifically on the deleted flag.

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