Re: Several balsa bugs I'm about to submit to bugzilla.

On 2003.12.01 15:42, wrote:
> > It is also not possible to forward a message including all the
> > headers, something that is very useful when complaining
> > about spam.
> Not true. "Forward inline" forwards the message (i.e. it's text parts) inline in a new message, whereas "forward attached" forwards the complete message "as is" an a new message/rfc822 container, which keeps all headers and keeps all crypto stuff intact. The default action for the forward button can be adjusted in the prefs, which might be the cause for this remark.

Sure, but I want a "forward inline with all headers". This is because very often
I need to edit the headers before forwarding the message. A lot of spam I receive
is actually from accounts on other servers that forward to my account, and in that
case I need to remove the last one or two Received: headers. As well as the
headers that spamassassin adds. Otherwise that would confuse the recipient.

Evolution always includes the From/To/Cc/Subject/MessageId headers when forwarding
inline, which is a seperate issue, but which is a very good idea nonetheless.

> > There should be a way to save a single message in raw format
> > to a file, preferably in mbox format (meaning it should have
> > an initial From_ line, that's all)
> Good point, I'll support that.
> > When right clicking in the message-text window, you get an
> > edit menu, with "select input method", "paste" etc. That
> > doesn't make much sense.
> Afaik this one comes from Gtk?

It probably does, but it should be replaced with something that makes sense..



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