Re: mailbox integrity

On 2003.08.21 04:27, Willem Riede wrote:
>  I have fetchmail getting mail from my ISP, goes to sendmail, then   
> procmail,  which puts mail in a mailbox file depending on where the  
> mail  originated.
> Balsa (2.0.13 from rpm advertised on this list) reads those files as
> local mboxes.
> I run Red Hat 9 on a dual athlon system.
> Is it possible that I have locking issues where Balsa and procmail
> accessed a mailbox at the same time and I ended up with lost data?

It is possible if the delivery process does not lock properly the  
mailbox. Balsa uses usually double locking: first it creates a lock  
file, then it locks also the file with flock() - the latter one works  
only on local file systems.  I use recipies like below:

* ^List-Id:.*desktop-devel

and it works just fine.

The other possibility is that the message arrived with damaged MIME  
structure. In that case, the mailbox file will be large but balsa will  
read only part of the message. Can you check this lead?


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