Re: Balsa 2.0.13 hanging on start up

Tony Sequeira wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just completed an LFS build, using mostly the latest software
> available for the GUI.  I have installed the Development version of
> GNOME, with versions available on the night of 30th June/early 1st
> August.
> Balsa works on on invocation for the first time.  Thereafter it hangs. 
> If I trash the local GNOME directories (including ~/mail) and restart
> it, it's OK again.  I'm not POPping anything, I leave that to
> fetchmail.  I'm checking my local mailbox every minute (or would be if
> it was working).  I have searched the web and the balsa
> website/archives with no luck.  I found the problem with Redhat pspell
> and applied it, but it does not help me.
> Where should I start looking?  Any ideas?
> Cheers

Try running Balsa under gdb, and interrupt it when it's hung--the 
stack-trace should be helpful in tracking it down, especially if your 
libs are compiled with local symbols as well as globals (don't know how 
you achieve that, but it sometimes seems to happen with stuff you 
install by hand).

Good luck!


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