Re: some issues with recent cvs

On 2002.10.28 12:12 the MoH wrote:
[ snip ]
> Can't you write the callback for "next msg", "previous msg" and 
> "next unread" to give the focus to the msg-view after changing 
> the msg?
> While navigating in the mailbox with up and down it's ok to 
> keep the focus, but not when using the shortcuts, or?

How about this: n/p/ctrl-n select a different message and leave 
the focus where it was, whether in the index or in the message.  
I believe that's feasible.

> Or as another solution make a vi or lynx style nav for the 
> msg-view but that will produce a flamewar about the best 
> possible keys to use ;-)

At the risk of starting just such a flamewar...personally, I 
despise alpha keybindings. Just give me intelligent bindings for 
the cursor and keypad keys and I'm happy :-)

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