Re: some issues with recent cvs

Le 28.10.2002 09:42, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
> On 2002.10.28 08:02 Steffen Klemer wrote:
> [ snip ]
>> But I noticed some other probs:
>> - after pressing n to see the next mail the mbox-view gets the input 
>> and I now have to press tab to come back to preview pane
> Yes, the index grabs the keyboard focus at just about every opportunity! 
> If you use the cursor up/down and page up/down keys to navigate the 
> index, keeping the focus there is important. Hitting tab to get *into* 
> the message is, imho, less trouble than hitting shift-tab to get back 
> out.
> However, if you use n/p/ctrl-n, the keyboard focus is less relevant. 
> Perhaps there's a way to keep the focus in the preview in this case. 
> Suggestions?
>> - What is the order of the Mailboxtree? It's a little bit strange 
>> because some mboxes are above others are under folders on the disk, 
>> although according to the name they should be over them as well 
>> (screenshots attached). They also change the order when checking for 
>> new mail
> I have no clue about that one--my tree is consistently 
> (case-insensitive) alphabetized!

an i18n issue ?

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