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On 2002.10.15 05:36:55 +0100 "Jacky, Lau" wrote:
> Hi,
> > > > c)  Why I can't choose encoding of letter body myself?
> > >
> > >   I mean encoding of incoming letters.
> > >
> >
> > oh, you don't get to chose those. it comes as part of the MIME message.
> Yes, MIME 'should' tell you about this, but not always the case.
> What'll happen if the MUA of other doesn't generated a correct MIME in terms
> of
> encoding??


> Another one is, the sender may not realize the encoding stuff, he/she just
> start the mail
> client, and type. However, he/she may typing some non-latin characters.
> While, even
> thought the mail client let him/her to choose the encoding (so the mail
> client can
> generate the MIME/header correctly), the user simply ignore this, as he/she
> doesn't
> known anything on that.

not quite, either the encoding fits or doesn't. that kind of message would
come through very garbled as latin and non-latin encoding are orthogonal.
in that case, even if his broken MUA does send the message, no amount of
encoding hackery on the receiving side will help

> Similarly, there is also needs to support the user to write email in
> different encoding,
> and generated correctly MIME header for him, that's even though the locale
> of the
> session is en_US.UTF-8, a user should be able to compose a mail in some
> other encoding

compose is not an issue in balsa as you have the language menu. we're
discussing receiving

> This is a useful features, for me, I some time, UTF-8 is prefered if I known
> that, the
> recipent can only capable to view a UTF-8 mail!!

yes, utf-8 will be in the language menu in balsa2's future. this feature
will not be available in balsa1 as gnome1.4 text widget can't mix encodings

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