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> > > c)  Why I can't choose encoding of letter body myself?
> > 
> >   I mean encoding of incoming letters.
> > 
> oh, you don't get to chose those. it comes as part of the MIME message.

Yes, MIME 'should' tell you about this, but not always the case.
What'll happen if the MUA of other doesn't generated a correct MIME in terms of 

I think, selecting encoding to view a mail is very important, there is a two reasons,
I find that, a lot of web mail client have bug in these area, they don't appear to care 
about encoding. The receive side don't know to interpret the encoding correctly, problem
will occurs, I have encounter these a few times!

Another one is, the sender may not realize the encoding stuff, he/she just start the mail
client, and type. However, he/she may typing some non-latin characters. While, even 
thought the mail client let him/her to choose the encoding (so the mail client can 
generate the MIME/header correctly), the user simply ignore this, as he/she doesn't 
known anything on that.

Similarly, there is also needs to support the user to write email in different encoding,
and generated correctly MIME header for him, that's even though the locale of the
session is en_US.UTF-8, a user should be able to compose a mail in some other encoding
This is a useful features, for me, I some time, UTF-8 is prefered if I known that, the
recipent can only capable to view a UTF-8 mail!!

I hope this information can help a bits!!


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