Re: Problem with FccMRU

On 2002.11.18 17:05 Martin Leopold wrote:
> Hi All.
> Just of a sudden my Balsa 1.4.1 started to not copy my mail to my 
> sentbox.. I noticed this today missing the last 2-3 days of sent mails - 
> which is a bit annoying. I don't recall changing anything, so I guess at 
> some point Balsa changed the config.

The light finally dawned! There's a bug...

Any item in the FccMRU section of the config that isn't the url of a 
mailbox in Balsa's tree is left out of the option menu. But if you don't 
touch the widget, the url that Balsa uses is the first item in that 
section, whether or not it was in the tree. If it's invalid, the fcc copy 
goes down the WC. If it's valid but not in the tree (such as an IMAP 
mailbox that hasn't been scanned), the copy goes there, instead of to the 
mailbox that's actually shown.

A fix for the HEAD branch is on its way to cvs, and one for the BALSA_2 
branch will follow. In the interim, Carlos's suggestion works: drop down 
the option menu and click on the correct mailbox (even if it's the top 

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