Re: Proposal for a new Preferences window

On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 05:45:11PM +0100, Steffen Klemer wrote:
> I searched through the web, read many documents and scratched my mind...
> You can find it at

(i forgot to say tkx! on the previous mail :))

  - Quoting colors (aren't 3 levels enough?)

no :)

  All options shall be applied immediately.

let's ignore this part of HIG. I hate it. Apply buttons make me happy.

  encoding  make 8bit default; perhaps config file

no. 8bit = potentially nonworking (refer to previous mails about hiding in
config file)

  check upon startup do always check local, the others when hitting check

doesn't that defeat the purpose of "check upon startup" ?

  The progress of sending and retrieving should always be displayed in the
  statusbar with a cancel button and the msg that it is done.

there can be no cancel button. 

  No trailing "..." after Prefs

don't understand this one

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