Re: Proposal for a new Preferences window

Am 2002.11.17 01:09 schrieb(en) Carlos Morgado:
   > On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 05:45:11PM +0100, Steffen Klemer wrote:
   > > I searched through the web, read many documents and scratched my
   > mind...
   > >
   > > You can find it at
   > >
   >   >   >  Moving and Deleting (or "modiefying" or so)
   >   >   - Commit changes immediately
   >   > are you refering to delete messages imediatly ? it's diferent from
   > commit
   > changes.
Yes, but I wanted to expand it a bit to commit ALL changes immediately 
(I'm sure it will be helpful for some people)

   >   > there's a new timed-auto-commit feature on HEAD that should be 
   > to 2 any time now and introduces depencies with hide deleted.

Cool, that would also make the "close mailbox if unused" needless

   >   > I agree debug could be a command option
   >   > I don't agree on burring stuff on the config file, at worst create
   > an Advanced tab. And some are not too complicated :)

Perhaps for now, but later (after a move to gconf (we want that, won't 
we?) it's no longer a problem because there is the gconf-editor and you 
can give extra information to each key)

   >   > i'll have a better look at it later :)


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