Proposal for a new Preferences window

I searched through the web, read many documents and scratched my mind...

You can find it at

I putted it there because I didn't want to sent html mails (hi you freaks 
;-) and the text version really isn't looking nice...

Some information:

Because of being a totally newbie in prgramming it has to be coded by 
someone else (only if everybody agrees... :-)

You can find the missing prefs at the end with some words what to do with 
To fit the HIG please read the link and try to follow their proposals 
while designing...
Please don't flame me, that is only a PROPOSAL of how you CAN do it, it is 
only MY point of view... :-)

And: some opinions like "we can't remove this pref because otherwise balsa 
always crashes" (hi Melanie ;-) are no show stoppers! Simply find the bug 
that makes balsa crash!
And: I removed the Progress dialogs because we have a statusbar for this 
-> My sympathy for the poor person that will code this part ;-) (again 
only if you agree...)

Hope it helps...

If you are interested, I can perhaps make a simple patch to correct some 
issues in the menu where balsa doesn't follow the HIG (after reading it 
you see many areas where balsa isn't really accessible and usable for new/ 
disabled users)

But that sometimes later.

Oh: and I forgot to include the mdn :-( -> shame on me, it should be in 
the display tab!


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